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How to Get Rid of Man Boobs In 3 Months?

How to get rid of man boobs

LAST UPDATED: January 2nd, 2024

We all have some part of our body we would like to change.

Women usually want better legs or thinner thighs.

On the other hand, men want to get rid of belly fat and increase their biceps.

But, there is one more “critical area” that brings discomfort in many men’s lives.

That’s man chest fat or “man boobs” (aka moobs, male breasts, breast tissue).

So, if you want to learn how to get rid of man boobs, keep reading this article.

Let’s first explain how you end up with man boobs, and then more importantly how to solve this problem naturally without trying some extreme things like plastic surgery.

What causes man boobs?

Foods that reduce man boobs

There are 3 reasons why man boobs may look like female breasts, instead of being flat and shaped.

Reason #1 – High percentage of body fat (adipomastia)

When you eat food high in calories your body stores it.

And how it stores it depends on your genetics.

Some people have good genes and no matter how much fat they eat they are skinny and they don’t have problem with excess fat.

However, the rest of us isn’t that lucky.

So, if you have extra body fat on your chest you can thank genetics.

But, if you eat too much fat and your body can’t store all of that properly, some of it ends up on your chest, regardless of genetics.

In that case, we are talking about adipomastia or lipomastia.

That’s why you should decrease the amount of calories you intake and lower body fat percentage.

Reason #2 – Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is the medical term for man bobs and it differs from adipomastia or the existence of fat on the chest. (2)

Gynecomastia appears because of a chest and not fat tissue, as a result to imbalanced levels of the hormones testosterone and estrogen.

Hence, it is most common among middle-aged men and teenagers.

It affects 30% of men and there are mild and extreme cases of gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia is activated when the levels of testosterone are reduced compared to the levels of estrogen (boobs grow because of estrogen).

The causes for this reduction can be conditions that block the effects of testosterone, conditions that decrease the level of testosterone or increase the level of estrogen.

Reason #3 – Adipomastia and gynecomastia combined

The combination of adipomastia and gynecomastia can also cause man boobs.

Sometimes men have gynecomastia and an increased percentage of body fat that leads to this condition.

Anyhow, consult your doctor to determine what’s your case, how bad it is, whether is adipomastia or gynecomastia, and what next.

You can read what are the differences between gynecomastia and chest fat here.

So, how to get rid of man boobs?

Foods to avoid if you want to get rid of man boobs

There are 4 best ways to lose chest fat:

1. Change Your Nutrition

The most common cause of moobs is overweight and obesity.

The chest mainly consists of lipids (fats), so improving your diet can significantly reduce this area.

You can’t get rid of gynecomastia by improving your diet or exercising, but you can reduce body fat.

Therefore, if you have man boobs because of increased body fat, the solution is a simple weight loss.

Your body distributes and loses fats as it’s predetermined by genetics, and that’s why you need to eat healthily and exercise properly in order to lose weight or fat layers.

After a certain period of time, you will lose fat from the place you most want, in this case, your chest.

So, even though man boobs are a medical condition, they can appear as a consequence of weight gain so you need to start eating healthy.

9 Foods you should eat if you want to get rid of man boobs:

  • Pineapple – boost Growth hormone important for burning chest fat
  • Broccoli – high in di-indolyl methane which reduces the level of estrogen
  • Berries – Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries reduce the level of estrogen that affects your mood and weight
  • Beans – One of the best testosterone-boosting foods.
  • Salmon – reduces the level of the stress hormone and boosts the proper production of estrogen and testosterone.
  • Sweet potato – Sweet potato is high in tryptophan, an amino acid that reduces the level of the stress hormone cortisol.
  • Red grapes – contain resveratrol and anthocyanin. They block the production of estrogen.
  • Pumpkin seeds – contain a lot of zinc, magnesium, and healthy fats, all necessary for the production of testosterone.
  • Figs – an excellent source of manganese, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and minerals that are great for the health of your cardiovascular system, muscles, and the production of testosterone.

Foods you should avoid if you want to lose chest fat:

  • Popcorn – Microwave popcorn has a negative effect on testosterone levels and sex drive.
  • Shrimps – A pesticide called 4-hexyl resorcinol can disbalance male hormones and increase the level of estrogen.
  • Bottled water -Plastic bottles in general, are harmful to men. They contain bisphenol. That is a chemical substance found in plastic products. It can significantly lower your testosterone and increase estrogen.
  • Licorice – reduces the production of testosterone up to 50%
  • Fast foods – cause weight gain
  • Beer – It has a really bad effect on your testosterone levels. Beer contains a lot of hops which contain a lot of estrogens.

2. Start Working Out

Diamond push ups

To build a chest and lose man boobs you need to work on your foundation first, and that means strengthening your back and shoulders.

It’s wrong to work out solely your chest once or twice a week to build great chest muscles.

So, build a strong back and shoulders first since that will allow you to work out better and it will also strengthen your entire body.

You will lose chest fat by doing some of the best workouts for man boobs.

The best chest exercises are:

  • Different variations of push-ups – T push-ups, PLYO push-ups, Dive bomber push-ups, Tempo push-ups, Diamond push-ups
  • Dips
  • Barbell bench press 
  • Overhead press 
  • Single-arm rotation

So, how to get rid of moobs at home?

Start doing push-ups and include strength training in your routine.

3. Visit your doctor

Generally speaking, gynecomastia isn’t a serious health problem, but it can be a serious aesthetic problem that leads to emotional and psychological issues.

Also, men and boys with gynecomastia can sometimes have chest pain and they can feel discomfort.

Gynecomastia can sometimes simply disappear.

But, if you continue having this problem and your boobs keep increasing, some medicine or surgery can help you.

Nevertheless, the best thing to do is to consult your doctor for any concerns.

If the reason for your gynecomastia is a health issue, then treatment can help you.

4. Using supplements

Using some of the best natural supplements to get rid of man boobs can help you tackle this problem.

These supplements mainly increase testosterone levels and help your body burn chest fat.

And the best supplement is Gynectrol.

How to Get Rid of Man Boobs Faster?

Gynectrol review

Gynectrol helps you reduce man boobs thanks to the mix of natural ingredients.

These ingredients will reduce the level of estrogen in your body, raise the level of testosterone and destroy fat cells in your chest.

This is an effective way to get rid of man tits.

You can see every ingredient explained below.

Gynectrol ingredients:

  • Chromium – natural fat burner, basically converts fat into energy
  • Caffeine – combined with other ingredients helps you maximize burning fat in your chest
  • Guggulsterones – powerful natural fat burner, helps you reduce fat layers on your chest
  • Sclareoides – it lowers the level of estrogen and raises testosterone.
  • Theobromine cacao – contains the amino acid necessary for muscle gain. Also, it boosts your testosterone and magnesium.
  • Green tea – one of the best natural fat burners

You can read more about Gynectrol and check the price here.

How Long Does it Take to Lose Man Boobs?

If you follow all the above-mentioned tips you will see the first results within 2-3 months and lose man boobs in 6 months.

How to Get Rid of Man Boobs – Bottom Line:

There are different causes of man boobs like gynecomastia or obesity.

If you want to get rid of man boobs and lose chest fat you should change your diet and start doing exercises that target upper body fat.

Start working out.

If you don’t like exercising, start swimming.

After that, you can try paddling.

This will have a great effect on the upper part of your body.

You can start weight lifting after you get stronger and build muscles.

Regular exercising will increase the levels of testosterone.

Some of the best exercises are push-ups (diamond, dive bomber, tempo, T push up), dips, overhead press.

When it comes to food, eat some of the best foods that reduce man boobs like spinach, cabbage, kale, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts.

The best thing to do is to eat fresh fruit and veggies, fish, lean meat, complex carbs like oat flakes, beans, and lentils.

You should avoid foods that cause man boobs.

And, cut down on alcohol.

Food high in zinc like oysters, walnuts, and red meat can also help the process of aromatization which turns testosterone into estrogen.

All in all, the best tips to get rid of man boobs naturally are:

  • Lose weight since being overweight can also be the cause of enlarged breasts
  • Limit the intake of salts (eat fewer ingredients high in salt); excessive intake of salt can cause breast swelling
  • Cut out unhealthy fats and sugars from your diet
  • Limit the intake of alcohol
  • Don’t use drugs (one of the many side effects drugs bring is gynecomastia)
  • Exercise

When it comes to supplements, the most effective supplement that will help you get rid of man boobs is Gynectrol.


  • Gary Flowers

    I think that all people have some flaws with their bodies. Having man boobs that sag like a woman or cause a man discomfort it bring self-conscious about it I can understand but try the exercises that are mentioned here and see if you can get any good results but if some of these do not work then by all means see a doctor for advice about what to do or find out if you can have surgery

    • Cliff Thomas

      Hi Gary! Yes, of course, these are natural tips men should try, but if someone has any doubts or want surgery it should consult a doctor.

  • Lorenzo

    I tried almost everything and it’s really hard to get rid of moobs. Is there any supplement?

    • Cliff Thomas

      Most of my clients are using one supplement made of natural ingredients that lower estrogen, increase testosterone and fat-burning rate. It can help you lose moobs faster. You can check that supplement here.

    • Elbash

      Hi that’s right i have been trying to get rid of it ages ago now but they still here like a 13 years girl boobs its embarrassing


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