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How to Lose Belly Fat For Men: 2 Most Important Things

How to lose belly fat for men

If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me how to lose belly fat I would already have an account in the Cayman Islands.

I think that 90 % of men who work out at the gym want to get rid of belly fat and get those sexy 6 pack abs.

The most common question among them is how to lose belly fat overnight.

Then my advice for them is to do the following and get 6 pack abs in a few seconds (look at the image below).

Belly fat fun

Now, let’s get serious.

Let’ s be honest.

Getting rid of belly fat is one of the most difficult fitness tasks you can try.

But, don’t worry.

It’ s not impossible.

Men who don’t take care of their diet and don’t do exercise can have a serious weight problem, especially with the area around their belly.

Why should you lose belly fat?

Although many people think this is only a visual problem, they are wrong.

It can have a negative effect on your health, too.

Belly fat can lead to cardiovascular problems, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure.

What causes belly fat in men?


If most of your relatives have a bigger belly than they should, it’s possible that your genes are guilty of gaining weight around the belly.


Stress can be the cause of belly fat and for many diseases, as well.

When you are stressed your body releases the hormone cortisol. (1)

This hormone makes your liver produce extra sugar that your body doesn’t really need.

As a result, you start feeling hungry and you eat more.

And, of course, most of those calories go straight to your belly.

So, stress is one of the main causes of belly fat. (2)

Digestive problems

This can also be caused by stress.

Irregular digestion caused by stress can be the reason for several types of gastrointestinal problems which lead to gases and flatulence.

Many people who complain about belly fat often have gases which cause flatulence.

This can be very unpleasant and it can make your belly look bigger than it is.

Slow metabolism

The speed of your metabolism is individual and it depends on many factors.

As you get older, your metabolism gets slower.

That means you can’t burn calories as fast as you used to when you were younger.

A slower metabolism can also result in storing extra fat on your belly, in particular.

Bad posture

If your posture is bad your and your trunk is sloping you might look like you have a bigger belly.

So that’s why you should improve your posture.

Stand in front of the mirror and look at your belly.

Now, stand straight and look at the difference.

That’s not the only thing you need to do because you probably have fat layers, but your posture can make a big difference in your overall look.

So, how to lose belly fat for men?

There isn’t only one single way how to accomplish that.

If you ask 100 men how to lose belly fat, you will get many different answers.

However, they have one thing in common – they got rid of it.

Many men combine different methods to achieve their goal and here I will give you some tips that work almost for every man.

So, what do you need to lose belly fat for a short period of time?

You’ve probably heard this, but let’s say it once more.

The 2 most important things to get a flat belly are diet and exercise.

Here you can read my tips on how to lose belly fat for men divided into two groups – nutrition and exercise.

Let’s start.

1. Nutrition


Before you start exercising you need to take care of your diet.

You need to have a healthy diet and a good abdomen training program to get good results.

You can’t work out as crazy and expect to lose weight if you have a bunch of fat layers beneath your belly.

So, you need to lose weight.

That’s why you need to eat food with fewer calories so that you can lose weight faster.

These are the most important things regarding your diet:

Eat more proteins

It’s not clear enough to many people out there how important proteins are when you try to shape your body.

A lack of proteins can lead to a negative nutritious balance which leads to losing muscle mass and eventually slowing down your metabolism.

Eating proteins can help you get rid of fat layers, too since it takes more energy to process them compared to fats and carbs.

Divide your meals, eat more often

It’s very important to intake 5-6 smaller meals if you want to reduce your body fat because that way you eliminate cravings and you prevent the release of the catabolic hormone cortisol.

Cortisol slows down the process of burning fats, so don’t skip meals.

If you control the hormone cortisol, you can significantly reduce the breaking down of muscle tissue.

It’ s necessary to eat breakfast within an hour after getting up.

Your metabolism gets slower during the night and you need to get it moving.

Some people think it’s fine to skip breakfast because that means fewer calories, but when you skip breakfast you start feeling hungry and that makes your metabolism even slower.

The point isn’t to eat less, it’s to eat smarter.

If you eat fibers and proteins and you drink a lot of water you will feel full longer during the day and you won’t need to snack.

Reduce the intake of calories

If you want to really define your abs, you need to lose the fat layers that cover them.

You can do that by creating a negative energy balance (spend more than you intake).

Don’t reduce the calorie intake suddenly since that way you risk slowing down your metabolism, blocking the process of burning fat layers, and increasing hunger.

The best thing to do is to combine exercising with a reduced calorie intake of about 500 calories less per day than your current intake.

Try to reduce the calorie intake gradually, 50 calories a day until you reach 500 kcal.

Forget about beer and sodas

What is the best way for a guy to lose belly fat?

Stop drinking beer.

If you wonder if there’s anything better than a bottle of beer on a hot summer day, to tell you the truth, I wonder the same.

Unfortunately, if you want to get rid of your belly, you’ve got to forget about beer.

You should avoid alcohol in general since it decreases your testosterone levels and your muscle mass.

When it comes to sodas, I have one word – No.

Sodas are loaded with sugar and you should cut them out not only for your belly but for your health, too.

Drink a fresh lemonade instead.

Forget about eating late at night

If you want to control the fat layers on your belly, you shouldn’t eat 3 hours before sleeping because it takes time for your food to be digested before going to bed.

When you go to bed with a full belly you risk storing fat on your abdomen.

And when you want to eat something late, a small protein meal is a trick used to avoid losing muscles during sleeping and boosting the burning fat process.

2. Exercise

Cardio exercises

How to lose belly fat ‘quickly’ at home?

Start exercising.

You won’t get anywhere by eating healthily but hardly moving your finger to reach the remote control.

You can’t have a flat belly if you sit around all day.

Start walking, it’s easy and it can help you lose weight.

Then, plan your workout.

If you want to lose belly fat you need to add more exercises in addition to crunches.

Combine your exercises and make your training last 60-90 minutes a day if you want good and fast results.

By increasing your physical activities you will burn more calories not only during the day but also during the night.

Cardio exercises are very successful when it comes to losing belly fat.

Cycling, running, hill running, high-intensity interval training, for example.

On the other hand, weigh-lifting fights this problem by encouraging the synthesis of proteins and the level of natural anabolic hormones.

That leads to building all muscles as well as your six pack abs. (and to losing weight while retaining lean muscle)



  • Mark Prussock

    Your post was helpful. I’ve read stuff online where they say running or walking isn’t that beneficial. I have been walking for 20 min 6 times a week. It hasn’t been long enough to see results but I’m hopeful. I also do weight training. All together I’m at the gym for about an hour.

    • Cliff Thomas

      Thanks, Mark. Yes, that is the best combination – walking and running as cardio, and weightlifting at the gym. Keep up the good work!

  • Howard

    Well, belly fat is really stubborn I tried almost everything from this article, there is a little improvement but I want faster results. What is the best fat burner?

    • Cliff Thomas

      The best fat burner I was using is Clenbutrol. It is a natural alternative to fat burning steroids and it can help you lose fat faster. You can read more here.

  • Abhi

    Tried many ways to get rid off belly fat but can uh help me for calories intake? How much we should intake ??

    • Cliff Thomas

      You should intake less calories, of course. If you want to learn how many calories you should intake when you are trying to lose weight, I suggest you read this article here.


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