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How to Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle?

How to lose fat without losing muscle

LAST UPDATED: March 23rd, 2022

Ask any man at the gym what he wants to achieve and you’ll most probably hear that he wants to lose belly fat, get rid of man boobs, and get six-pack abs.

You probably know that having a muscular body without fat layers is very hard work.

Many guys I see at the gym are trying to find a way how to lose weight without losing muscle mass.

Building muscles and losing fat are two separate processes that need to be well carried out.

That’s why you need to pay more attention to either process at different times during your training and diet.

You should adjust your training and diet according to the building muscles goal or burning fat layers goal.

Why do you lose muscles in the cutting phase?

When weight loss is the primary goal of a fitness program, training, or diet, it means that you need to lose weight, particularly fat tissue, and save muscles as much as possible. (1)

However, your muscles are put at risk, as well.

You can lose muscles because you need to create an environment suitable for burning fat-calorie deficit and that’s risky for losing muscles, too.

A calorie deficit means a smaller intake of calories than necessary for your body.

When you intake less energy than you spend, your body gets energy from stored fat, but it can also get energy from other tissues, like muscle tissues.

And you don’t want that to happen.

So, how to lose fat without losing muscle – things you need to avoid and things you need to do:

#1 What do you need to avoid if you want to retain lean muscles?

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Can you lose fat without losing muscle?

Yes, of course.

To retain muscles during your diet and weight loss process you need to avoid these 4 common mistakes guys make:

Low-protein diet

Proteins are the only nutrients that build muscles.

So, you need to be very careful about the intake of proteins, especially when you intake less energy through food and you do physical activities that engage your muscles.

The minimum intake of proteins needs to be about 2g per pound daily.

Bad training

You need to plan your training carefully during your diet so that you don’t overwhelm your muscles.

To retain muscles during your weight loss, you need to work out, but excessive training can lead to muscle loss because of the calorie deficit.

The most common mistake made while on a diet is having strenuous training: too many exercises, series, and reps.

Exercise moderately.

Rigorous diet

Diets and losing weight are long-term processes so find a good diet that gives good long-term results.

Rigorous diets can be risky because you might lose muscles when you intake a very small number of calories.

Reduce the intake of calories gradually and of course, if you need to.

Little food before/after training

A lot of men start working out without thinking about a proper diet before their training.

If you are on a diet it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat anything.

You need to intake the necessary nutrients every few hours before and after your training.

That’s the best time for proteins and carbs, too.

When you limit your calorie intake you need to take account of your before and after training meals.

2# What do you need to do to retain lean muscles during your diet?

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You shouldn’t make a calorie deficit by skipping meals and starving yourself.

Eat healthy food which will provide energy for your body.

Low carb diet

This kind of diet is a very wise choice since it lets your body burn stored fats and it provides your muscles with nutrients necessary to recover.

Besides, there are many low-carb recipes online so you can enjoy tasty food without worrying about calories.

Also, make sure you eat enough proteins when you build muscles to recover faster.

Balanced cardio and weightlifting training

One more thing you need to do in order to lose fat without losing muscles- you need to make a balance between cardio and strength training.

Try not to do more cardio than weightlifting and vice versa.

If you plan to weightlift and do cardio on the same day, first weightlift and then do cardio.

Your body will be tired after cardio so it’s not recommended to weightlift afterward, you won’t have the same effect on your muscles as when you are rested.

Reduce the volume of your training

The volume of your training is the total work done.

When you are on a diet it’s advisable to reduce some training parameters that will reduce the volume of your training: reduce the number of series or exercises, the intervals, or the total number of training weekly.

To retain your muscle mass you need to work out less than when you build new muscles.

It’s necessary to reduce the total amount of exercise so that you don’t lose muscle mass.

But, even though you reduce the number of exercises you need to keep the intensity of exercising.

Your muscles need the same intensity to be stimulated.

So, try to work out with the same weight; do exercises with the same weights or at the same pace as before.

How to Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle – Bottom Line:

How long should you rest between sets?

If you are wondering how to lose fat without losing muscle, think about changing your diet.

Eat food that promotes burning calories and fat (low-carb food).

Also, don’t starve nor skip meals.

Eat moderately.

Try to balance your cardio and strength training.

You can also try some effective fat-burning supplements which help retain lean muscles while losing fats.

How to Get Lean Body Faster?

If you want to increase lean muscles and get rid of excessive fat you should think about supplements.

Here’s the kicker:

I don’t like steroids so I’m not talking about steroids.

There are some effective supplements made of natural ingredients that can help you get lean muscles.

And the best supplement, in my opinion, is Trenorol.


Trenorol is a legal natural alternative to the steroid Trenbolone.

It is one of the best supplements for the bulking and cutting phase.

Trenorol is ideal for guys that want to retain lean muscle while cutting.

It is made only of natural ingredients:

  • Beta-Sitosterol – helps you increase muscles by stimulating free testosterone. It also lowers estrogen. Furthermore, improves your focus and concentration.
  • Nettle leaf extract – It helps you get rid of excessive water and that makes your muscles more visible. Also, it boosts testosterone levels.
  • Samento Inner Bark – it improves your immune system, helps you recover faster, boosts your strength.
  • Pepsin – an enzyme that helps your body to get all the protein you intake so your muscles can grow.

You can read more about Trenorol and check the price here.


  • Bella

    The same goes when losing unwanted fat. With strength training our muscles are being used regularly and therefore source their energy from elsewhere – in this case, the unwanted fat! If you are able to combine both weight training and cardio, you re much more likely to keep your muscle and boost fat-loss.

  • Matt

    So, we need to increase protein foods? What foods to eat?

    • Cliff Thomas

      You should eat poultry (chicken and turkey breast), nuts, salmon, tuna, lean beef, beans, lentils.

  • Benny

    Hi Cliff, I am 32 and I have a problem with water retention. I tried everything but I look bulky not lean because of that. Do you know any supplement that will help me with this?

    • Cliff Thomas

      I suggest you try Trenorol. It a legal alternative to steroid Trenbolone. And of course, it is made only of natural ingredients. Trenorol will help you increase lean muscles with minimal water retention. Check Trenorol here.


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