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Can You Exercise With Sore Muscles?

Can you exercise with sore muscles?

LAST UPDATED: March 26th, 2021

One of the most common questions I get is:

‘Should I continue with my workout when I have sore muscles?

I will try to answer that question in this article.

But first things first.

How do you get sore muscles?

Sore muscles or muscle inflammation happens most often because you just started exercising.

However, you can also have sore muscles when you exercise after a long break even though you work out regularly and your last workout was harder than usual.

That’s a natural reaction of the muscle tissue caused by micro muscle damage.

Also, sore muscles can be a sign that you reach a bodybuilding plateau.

Read more about this here.

So, should you exercise when you have sore muscles?

You should do your next workout even though you have sore muscles because the inflammation is significantly smaller the next day.

But, avoid too hard workouts if you think you aren’t ready for them, especially if your muscles hurt and it’s difficult to walk!

If you had a long break don’t do sets with weights as you did before the break.

When I started doing fitness I had sore muscles a lot of times and I had to take a bunch of pain killers.

Frequent workouts (at least 3 times a week ) helps your nerves and muscles to adapt and your body becomes more resistant to increasing the weight you are working with.

That means working out regularly prevents pain in the muscles.

You can still feel slight pain, more like a feeling that your muscles are growing, but that should motivate you for the next workout.

You should continue working out so that your muscles become stronger and progress better.

But, choose lower-intensity exercises than usual. (1)

How to avoid sore muscles?

Avoid sore muscles

You can avoid or at least reduce inflammation if you follow the following tips.

Before workout

Warm-up before your workout on a bike or treadmill (at least 7 minutes) or do a set of aerobic exercises.

Also, drink enough water before you exercise.

How to relieve sore muscles after a workout?

Stretch and eat food high in proteins and carbs.

If your muscles are really sore, taking a walk can help you do your next workout without pain.

Stretching exercises are great for sore muscles. (2)

That’s why you need to do light stretching exercises every day to activate your sore muscles.

That will help you get rid of the pain. (3)

Exercise With Sore Muscles – Bottom Line:

It is not easy to answer the above-mentioned question simply with yes or no.

If you have sore muscles you can rest the next day.

Or you can go to the gym but don’t do exercises with the same muscle group.

What is my opinion?

Don’t skip workout every time you have sore muscles.

The best thing you can do is to work out, but with lower-intensity.

Warm-up to prepare your muscles for the workout.

Do not train to muscle failure.

Of course, if your muscles are very sore and you can’t even walk, consult your doctor.

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