9 Signs of low Testosterone in Men

Signs of low testosterone

I’ve pointed out the importance of testosterone in several articles so far.

It’s the most important male hormone indeed.

Testosterone is responsible for your muscle mass, libido, strength, endurance, secondary sex characteristics. (1)

And it’s absolutely necessary if you want to gain muscle mass.

I already wrote about ways to boost your testosterone naturally, the best testosterone boosting foods, the best exercises to boost your testosterone levels, and the best testosterone supplements.

So, in this article, you can read about the most common signs of low testosterone levels.

When the levels of testosterone are lower than 300 nanograms per deciliter it’s considered to have low testosterone levels.

The levels of this male hormone drop naturally as we age, but on top of that, there are some things that affect testosterone negatively.

Things that can have a bad impact on your testosterone levels besides testicular diseases are obesity, physical inactivity, stress, alcohol.

9 signs of low testosterone in men:

1. Low libido

Low sex drive can be caused by stress, lack of sleep, hormonal problems, and bad diet.

But, the most significant and obvious sign of low libido is low testosterone.

Find out how to boost your libido naturally here.

2. Erectile dysfunction

To have a strong erection you need to have good blood flow, circulation, normal sensitivity, and a sex drive.

Testosterone is responsible for all the above mentioned.

If the testosterone levels aren’t high enough, you need to find a way to increase them.

3. Being overweight

Overweight men have lower testosterone levels which happen as a consequence of the decreased protein levels that testosterone binds to.

Four out of ten overweight men have a problem with the testosterone levels.

So, if you want to increase your testosterone, you need to lose weight.

4. Sleeping problems

When the levels of testosterone are low you might have some difficulties sleeping.

Bad dreams and finding it hard to relax can make you feel exhausted and dissatisfied.

5. Tiredness

If you are very tired after your meals, you aren’t motivated and constantly sleepy at work or during the day, you probably have lower testosterone levels than the usual.

6. A lack of concentration

If you have low testosterone levels you might experience memory problems since testosterone is responsible for your concentration.

Men who have this problem claim that they are often forgetful and not focused enough in conversations.

It can be a big problem to do your daily activities and that’s why you need to increase the testosterone levels.

7. Less body hair

A lack of testosterone can cause facial hair loss and body hair loss which means fewer hairs on your face, arms, lower legs and genitals.

8. Losing muscle mass

Increased testosterone levels allow your body to be in an anabolic condition, i.e. a process in which muscles are built.

That means that your body will form processes that stop the reduction of muscles by producing proteins.

When the testosterone levels drop, your body is in a catabolic condition which breaks down muscle tissue.

You can spot this if you go to the gym regularly and despite working hard your muscles decrease.

9. Man boobs

Increased man boobs are caused by a condition called gynecomastia.

This happens when a man has a low production of testosterone which causes the growth of the male breast.



  • Rochie

    Great article, thanks I think I have low testosterone

  • Brad

    What food to eat for low T?

    • Cliff Thomas

      Eat foods high in zinc, selenium, B vitamin, pumpkin seeds, lean beef.

  • Arnold

    I have almost all of these signs 🙁 What supplement is the best for me? I am 41, overweight with man boobs

    • Cliff Thomas

      I used test booster called Testogen, it is really good and it is made of natural ingredients. You can check Testogen here.


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