How to Exercise When You Are Over 50?

How to exercise if you are over 50?

Let’s clear one thing up:

Age isn’t an obstacle to exercising.

Physical activity is important during your whole life, especially as you get older.

There are different exercises you can try depending on your age.

Exercising in your 50s can be challenging and you might get discouraged by people who say it’s worthless.

Luckily, people have realized how important it is to exercise even if you are older. (1)

So, I have more and more clients at the gym that are over 50.

Age shouldn’t be your excuse among others.

Today I am gonna answer some of the most common questions about exercising when you are over 50.

Of course, there are famous bodybuilders in their 50s and 60s, but I am not gonna talk about them today.

I will show you some exercises that you should start doing if you have been inactive for years.

Mainly stretching for starters. (2)

So, let’s see what are the most common myths for exercising in your 50s.

5 Most Common Myths for Exercising in Your 50s

exercise over 50

Myth #1 – I am too old to start exercising

Let’s go back to the second line of this article:

Age isn’t an obstacle to exercising.

You are never too old to start improving your health.

And proper exercise is the best thing you can do.

Myth #2 – I’ll never get back in shape

Of course, it will be a little bit harder to get in shape in your 50s than in your 30s, but there is a way.

A slower metabolism, lower testosterone levels, and losing muscle mass are normal as we age, but doing the right exercises can help you improve these things.

Don’t forget: your lifestyle can significantly affect aging.

Myth #3 – I am too weak to exercise; my muscles are sore

If you start to exercise you will get stronger and boost your self-confidence.

It’s key to start with some light exercises and then slowly increase the intensity of your workout.

Myth #4 – There’s no point of exercising, I get older anyway.

One of the biggest myths.

Working out can help you look younger and feel better. (3)

Regular exercise reduces the chances of a stroke, heart attack, Alzheimer’s.

Also, it improves your mood.

Myth #5 – Exercising can damage my bones

Bone loss is associated with age.

But if you exercise you can reduce bone loss and improve strength.

Moderate Workouts You Should Start With If You Are Over 50

How to build muscle after 40?

If you want to start exercising over 50 you should do moderate workouts first.

As we get older, our bodies are more prone to injuries.

That’s why you need to change some things regarding your workout.

Always warm-up at least 15 minutes with some cardio before you start weightlifting.

You will raise your body’s temperature and you will have good blood flow for the upcoming exercises.

Warming up and stretching is now more important than ever. (4)

Upper Body Stretching

You will improve your flexibility with upper body stretching.

Lift your arms and stretch your elbows.

Join your hands and slowly lean to the left.

Hold for 15 seconds.

Return to the starting position and make the same movement to the right.

Do 20 reps.


The best way to start strengthening your muscles is with strength exercises.

And squats are one of the best strength exercises.

For starters, do squats with bodyweight only.

Once you get in shape you can start with barbell squats.

Of course, I suggest you hire a personal trainer.

Cardio after 50

There are several reasons why cardio workout is very important if you are over 50.

First, your metabolism slows down.

If you try cardio from time to time you will increase your metabolism to burn those fat layers.

Second, and very important – cardio is essential if you want to have a healthy heart.

But you should do low-intensity cardio like walking and jogging.

20-30 minutes of jogging is enough.

Once or twice per week on a treadmill will be good for you.

You can do cardio on your rest day.

If you want to get in form faster and increase your muscles in your 40s and 50s, I suggest you read more about the best testosterone supplements that are important as we get older:



  • Mark

    I recently started to exercise, i am 57 and want to build muscles but I need supplenets, what to use

    • Cliff Thomas

      As I said, as we age our testosterone levels drop. So, use testosterone booster. I suggest Testo Prime. You can check it here.

  • Scott

    Great article, I will follow every single step I’m 49 and want to have muscular body

  • Tom

    I just turned 74, and am in the gym at least 3 times a week, with a spin class thrown in 1 day a week. You are never too old or out of shape to start or keep it up. The main mistake I see older men do, is to use very heavyweights in an uncontrolled way. Also, they won’t take advice.

    • Cliff Thomas

      Hi Tom! Yeah lifting too heavy leads only to injuries. That is why I suggest a moderate workout.


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