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Should You Hire a Personal Trainer?

Should you hire a personal trainer?

LAST UPDATED: May 13th, 2022

Let’s clear one thing up.

I am not writing this article to do some cheap self-promotion.

I’m already too busy at the gym with my regular clients.

I just want to help guys and girls who wonder if they should hire a personal trainer.

So, let’s start.

You can hear many different opinions on this topic, but let me present to you some pros of hiring a personal trainer.

7 reasons why you should hire a personal trainer

1. Taking your body measurements

Body mass index

You need to take your measurements and do some tests before you start training.

There are some parameters you need to follow depending on your goal (losing weight, increasing muscle mass…).

A lot of gym-goers hire a personal trainer to lose weight.

If that’s your goal, you need to check your body mass, measure the thickness of the fat layers, the percentage of fat, and the size of some areas (waist for example).

You need to do those measurements every month.

It depends on the results what kind of diet and training plan you will get.

And you need a personal trainer if you want to do the measurements right.

2. You will get an appropriate diet plan

Gain muscle mass diet

This is something your trainer can also do for you in cooperation with a nutritionist.

It’s impossible to reach your goal if your diet plan isn’t good.

And your diet plan also depends on your goal and first measurements.

3. You will get an individual approach

personal trainer

Working with a personal trainer is a totally individual experience.

Your trainer needs to get to know you well to come up with the best training plan for you.

So, your trainer needs to know your history of exercising, your health condition, stamina, injuries and some health problems (if you have them).

The training plan should help you reach your goal.

4. Motivation

How long should you rest between sets?

A very important part of the training process is motivation.

A good personal trainer should motivate you and help you work out as well as possible. (1)

Also, a personal trainer should know how to work with different kinds of people, no matter what their goal is.

You can read more about fitness motivation here.

5. Guaranteed results

This is one of the most important reasons why you should hire a personal trainer.

Set a realistic goal at the beginning of the process that you will achieve with a good training plan and diet.

6. Doing exercises right

Avoid sore muscles

Exercising with a personal trainer reduces the risk of injuries.

Your trainer can help you use the machines properly and do the exercises in the right position.

7. Stretching and warming up

Why is stretching important?

This is also very important.

People tend to skip warming up and stretching when they work out alone.

Skipping warming up increases the risk of injury by 70%.

A personal trainer will make sure that doesn’t happen.

Should You Hire a Personal Trainer – Bottom Line:

Hiring a personal trainer isn’t a luxury.

I saw many injuries during the years because of inadequate exercise.

If you are a beginner and inexperienced, I suggest you hire a personal trainer that will help you achieve your goals much faster.

That is an investment in your body and health.

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