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17 Best Workouts to Get a Toned Body for Women

Best Workouts to Get a Toned Body for Women

Although my clients at the gym are predominantly guys when it comes to bodybuilding, more and more women are coming to build lean muscles.

The most common articles meant for women are about weight loss.

But today I will share some of the best workout tips for women.

I am not talking about hard, bodybuilding workouts.

The best workouts for women are moderate ones. (1)

If you are not a professional female bodybuilder, then I don’t suggest doing hard workouts with big weights.

What are the downsides of hard workouts for women?

Some women bulk up too much, and in a while, if all the fat reserves are used up, their menstruation reduces.

Also, they might stop getting periods.

Furthermore, their breast will significantly reduce.

It’s not good to reduce the percentage of body fat too much.

Women have a higher percentage of fat than men and shouldn’t strive for the same results.

How should women work out?

I suggest doing workouts with moderate weights.

Especially, in the beginning.

Your first workouts should be moderate.

Sets and reps

Women can do the same exercises as men, but since they don’t usually strive for maximum weight as men, they don’t need as many sets.

Three sets of exercises are enough.

Beginners should first learn how to perform each exercise correctly and to do only one set per exercise after warming up.

This will be increased to two sets within two weeks, and then to three sets.

You usually don’t need to do more than three sets.

Rest between sets

You need to rest after each set.

In the beginning, rest for 2 minutes between sets and once you get stronger you can reduce the time for rest.

Your goal should be to rest 1 minute between sets.

The general rule is that you should rest as much as you need to get your breathing back to normal.

Also, take a rest day after 2 consecutive workout days.

So, let’s see what are the best workouts for women for a lean body.

These exercises are great to get stronger legs and arms without bulking up too much.

Best Workouts to Get a Toned Body for Women – Upper Body

1. Boxing

This is one of the best exercises to get rid of arm fat.

Imagine you are fighting against your nemesis.

Start punching air alternately.

Also, this is a good exercise to tone your shoulders.

2. Push-ups

The most famous exercise in the world.

It is good for your arms, armpit, and back fat.

There are plenty of different variations you can try.

3. Arm circles exercise

Arm circles

How to perform this exercise?

First, stand up.

Then extend your arms.

Your arms should be parallel to the floor.

Start making circles with both arms.

I suggest you do 15- 20 circles.

Rest for 15 seconds.

Do at least 10 sets.

4. Arms scissors exercise

Stand up.

Your legs should be shoulder-width apart.

Extend your arms.

Do 20 scissors.

Rest 15 seconds.

Do 10-20 sets.

5. Chair dips

Dips are one of the most effective exercises you should do for your arms.

Hold your hands on the edge of the chair, keep your back straight, and dip towards the floor.

Go as low as you can.

Do 5-10 reps and 3 sets.

6. Plank

Plank women

How to get a toned body?

The answer is simple – plank.

Plank is one of the most effective belly fat-burning exercises.

Also, one of the best exercises to get six-pack abs.

It will help you do daily activities or even sports more easily.

You will strengthen your whole body, your abs, and your hip muscles, which are engaged throughout the exercise.

Plank for about 30 secs.

When you get in better shape increase to 60 secs.

Plank is one of the best workouts to get a toned body for women.

7. Cobra exercise

Cobra exercise

How to do this exercise?

Lie on your belly, lift your head, and put your arms behind your head.

Lift your upper body.

Try not to move your elbows.

8. Catching stars exercise

How to do this exercise?

Stand straight and tall.

Keep one hand straight and bend the other one.

Lift your arms and straighten them one by one.

When one is straight, bend the other one.

When you straighten your arm clench your fist (as you are catching stars).

9. Cradle exercise

How to do this exercise?

Stand straight, bend your elbows and keep them together in front of you.

Grab your elbows with your hands.

Lift your arms by pushing your elbows.

10. Fist under chin exercise

How to do this exercise?

Bend your elbows.

Clasp your hands at shoulder height.

Put your hands below your chin.

Push your hands with your chin down and push your chin with your hands up.

11. Pull up

This is the #1 exercise for the toned lean back.

But it is not an easy one.

12. Overhead press

To lose weight you need to get up and give up the backrest and do this exercise standing.

When you do this exercise for the first time do it with lighter weights.

Do 3 sets with 10 reps.

13. Stretching

Why is stretching important?

Stretching improves the blood flow in your muscles and speeds up your metabolism.

Moreover, that affects the inflow of oxygen and nutrients in the muscles, and it speeds up the recovery of your muscles after exercising.

Stretching reduces tension, muscle pain, cramps, fatigue, and injuries.

Best Workouts to Get a Toned Body for Women – Lower Body

14. Running and jogging

Running jogging

Running or jogging, no1 cardio workout.

An old-school physical activity.

Running is one of the basic cardio exercises and since you don’t need any special equipment you can do it almost anywhere.

And one of the best exercises to get rid of thigh fat for men.

Just pick your favorite: treadmill, parks, stadiums, streets…

15. Cycling

Definitely one of the best cardio workouts for thigh fat.

Cycling is a very useful cardio exercise for your stamina and endurance, too.

Besides, it will make you sweat, get rid of toxins, and lose weight.

16. Squats

Squats women

How to reduce thigh fat at home and strengthen your legs?

Do squats.

A superior exercise when it comes to burning thigh fat.

It includes the anterior, medial, and posterior muscles of the thigh and the butt.

This exercise activates almost every muscle in the legs.

Make sure you squat right: legs shoulder-width apart, feet point outward.

How do I squat?

I start with stretching and warming up, then I do a few squats without a barbell.

After that I usually do 5 sets with 8 reps, slowly lifting weights until the last set when I work out with 50% of the maximum weight I can lift.

There are many variations of the squats that I will write about later, but in my opinion, the classic squat is the best.

17. Split squats

Split squats

One of the best workouts to get a toned body for women.

How to do this exercise?

You should hold the dumbbells in both hands and step forward.

Take as long a step forwards as you want to and then push back.

Beginners should do the exercise without any weight, and after a while, they can add some weight.

You can use a barbell or dumbbell, which one you prefer.

As you progress you can increase the weight you are working out with.

Nutrition Tips for Women

If you want to lean your body you should increase your metabolism.

The best way to boost metabolism and the fat-burning rate is to change your diet habits.

Best nutrition tips for women:

  • Don’t skip breakfast
  • Intake high protein foods
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Eat frequent small meals
  • Avoid sodas, beer, sweets
  • Avoid eating after 8 pm

Supplementation for Women

I suggest the 2 best supplements for a lean body for women.

If you want to strengthen your body and increase lean muscles take Clenbutrol.


Clenbutrol is definitely one of the best fitness supplements for women.

It’s made by one of the best women’s workout supplement brands, CrazyBulk.

How does Clenbutrol work?

This supplement raises your body temperature and because of that, your body burns fat faster.

You can get lean muscles and tone your body faster.

If you are a fitness lover, and you want to have a toned body faster then this is the best pre-workout supplement for you.

Clenbutrol ingredients

  • Garcinia cambogia – a Southeast Asian plant extract, popular weight loss fruit which increases fat burning
  • Vitamin B3 – improves your immune system and gives you energy
  • Guarana extract – natural stimulant, boosts your metabolism
  • Citrus aurantium – natural fat burner, it contains synephrine that increases thermogenesis (the fat burning process).

You can read more about Clenbutrol and check the price here.

On the other hand, if you want to lose fat layers, the best natural supplement is PhenQ.
PhenQ dosage

How does PhenQ work?

The ingredients in PhenQ will boost your metabolism and that leads to an increased calorie-burning rate.

Also, PhenQ is a very effective appetite suppressant that will stop binge eating and help you lose weight.

Furthermore, some ingredients in PhenQ are effective, natural fat burners.

PhenQ Ingredients

  • α-Lacys Reset – boosts your energy and metabolism.
  • Capsimax powder – this is a strong thermogenic mix of capsicum, piperine, vitamin B, and caffeine. It is a fat-burning mix.
  • Calcium carbonate – calcium assists your cells to store less fat and burn the stored fat.
  • Nopal – a plant extract that suppresses your appetite.
  • Caffeine – improves your mood and boosts metabolism.
  • Chromium picolinate – reduces hunger, boosts fat loss.
  • L-carnitine fumarate – turns fat stores into energy.

You can read more about PhenQ and check the price here.

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