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7 Best Exercises to Increase Testosterone

Best exercises to increase testosterone

LAST UPDATED: February 26th, 2021

Testosterone is the most important male hormone.



Let’s just say if you want big muscles, strength and you want to be a sex machine then you need testosterone.

There are many ways to increase testosterone levels such as having a proper diet (eating best testosterone boosting foods), exercising, and using the best testosterone boosting supplement.

Today I’ll write about the best exercises to boost your testosterone levels naturally.

If you think your testosterone levels might be low, weightlifting is one of the best ways to naturally force your glands to produce this hormone. (1)

There are 7 exercises in particular that are scientifically proven to be the best for boosting the production of testosterone in the male body.

That means they affect your muscle mass too and your muscles grow bigger.

7 best exercises to increase testosterone:

1. Deadlift


Definitely, one of the best exercises to increase testosterone.

How to raise testosterone quickly?

Try deadlift.

This is a very demanding exercise that activates practically all your muscles.

Deadlift is one of the best workouts for muscle mass.

If you are in a good shape and you make sure your back is straight, you can deadlift pretty big weights.

This is how I recommend deadlifting:

5 sets

5 reps

2. Squats


Standard squat with a bar is the second best workout for boosting testosterone.

Clearly, it’s an exercise which includes the biggest groups of muscles so it’s natural to increase the levels of testosterone.

It is one of the best workouts for legs.

5 sets
5 reps

3. Bench press

Bench press

The most popular weightlifting exercise everyone knows. It’s very efficient for your chest muscles and your upper body, generally.

Bench press workouts your chest, triceps, and shoulders.

You will feel the testosterone rush in your body.

How to do bench press:

4 sets
8 reps

4. Bent-over rowing

Bent-over rowing

All the variations of rowing are one of the top exercises when it comes to complexity.

Bent-over rowing is the best, most efficient, and the hardest.

It develops your back muscles and the effect on your body is a bigger production of testosterone.

How to do bent-over rowing:

4 sets
8 reps

5. Overhead press

Overhead press

The well-known overhead press is the most difficult exercise for your shoulders.

The position in which you do this exercise requires many other muscles to act as stabilizers.

It is an awesome testosterone boosting exercise.

How to do overhead press:

4 sets
8 reps

6. Pull-ups

Pull up

Do pull-ups increase testosterone?

Ooo, yeah.

This is the most effective exercise you can do with your own weight, it’s simple, and many guys choose this exercise over some involving a lot of gym equipment.

One of the best testosterone boosting exercises you can do without weights.

It’s great for building your back and arms muscles.

It’s a testosterone booster, as well.

How to do pull-ups:

4 sets
8 reps

7. Push-ups

Tempo push up

The most famous exercise you can do with your own weight, you can do it anywhere, and it’s the second most efficient of this type.

One of the best home exercises to to increase your testosterone.

When you do push-ups your upper body is completely involved.

That’s why push-ups are one of the best exercises which naturally boost your testosterone.

How to do push-ups:

4 sets
30 reps

If you want to increase testosterone faster, read more about the best natural supplements you should combine with these exercises:



  • Patrick

    Cliff I am 45 and I have low testosterone I tried these exercises but I want faster results. I want to use a supplement but I don’t know what to choose?

    • Cliff Thomas

      Well, after 40 testosterone levels drop. Eat pumpkin seeds, foods high in selenium, zinc, magnesium, try above-mentioned exercises. I used test booster called Testo-Max, it is really good T booster that will help you gain massive muscles. And it is made of natural ingredients. You can check Testo-Max here.


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