5 Best Exercises for Libido for Men

Best exercises for libido for men

LAST UPDATED: April 5th, 2021

Exercising is one of the best things you can do for your health if you want to lose weight, build muscles, or improve stamina.

Also, it is one of the best things you can do for your libido.

Occasional fasting combined with a short but intensive workout program can boost the testosterone level and improve your libido. (1)

Regular exercising will improve your blood flow, testosterone levels and self-confidence. (2)

All of this is essential for strong and long-lasting erections.

Also, exercising will prevent some diseases that have a negative impact on ED, like hypertension, diabetes, obesity.

How to exercise to boost libido?

How to boost libido naturally?

There are many exercises that can boost your libido and endurance. (3)

It’s not enough to do only cardio, although that’s good for starters.

You need exercises that boost your endurance and engage the muscles necessary for that.

Let’s see what exercises you should try to boost your libido naturally and prevent ED.

Best Exercises for Libido

1. Hip lift

Hip lift

Lie on the floor, raise your legs with your knees aligned over the hips and raise your hips.

As you lift your hips, tighten your glutes.

Don’t forget to rest about 20 secs between reps.

2. Barbell hip lift

Barbell hip lift

This effective exercise activates the glutes more than squats and deadlifting do.

Sit with your back facing the bench with feet in front of you and lean the barbell on your pelvis.

The pelvis muscles contract like that.

3. Cobra pose

Cobra pose

The best yoga pose for libido.

This exercise is very effective for your arms and your libido.

Bend forward and hold the position from the picture for a minute, or two.

Repeat to failure.

4. Squats

Bodyweight squats

A superior exercise when it comes to building your lower body.

It includes the anterior, medial, and posterior muscles of the thigh and the butt.

It activates almost every muscle in the legs.

So, you will strengthen your core strength, hips, and lower back.

If you don’t do barbell squats right you will activate the quadriceps more and the glutes will be left out.

Make sure you squat right: legs shoulder-width apart, feet point outward.

There are many variations of the squats but in my opinion, the classic squat is the best.

It improves blood circulation around the genitalia which helps with your libido, for sure.

5. Deadlift


One of the most popular strength and testosterone-boosting exercises. (4)

But also, an effective libido-boosting workout.

If you are a gym rookie, then it’s best to do other exercises for a while to get in shape and then to start deadlifting to avoid injuries.

Deadlifting is probably one of the best exercises for overall building your legs and lower back.

Deadlifting is excellent if your purpose is building muscles and improving your strength.

This is a very demanding exercise that activates practically all your muscles.

Especially your pelvic muscles.

Don’t exaggerate with exercising

How to lose weight fast for men

Men who work out moderately have better libido than those who prefer high-intensity workouts.

Also, the training volume has an important role when it comes to sex drive.

You should work out moderately, don’t exaggerate.

Intense workouts and overtraining can cause hypogonadism, a condition that occurs when 2 hormones: testosterone and lutropin are dropping.

Increasing the training volume may lead to physical and mental fatigue, but also a lower sex drive.

So, the biggest problem for a lower libido is too intense and too long training.

That’s why it is important to choose the training that will allow you to increase stamina but to keep your libido high as well.

Best Exercises for Libido – Bottom Line:

You can increase your libido if you increase physical activity since that improves your cardiovascular system and your confidence.

Physically active people know their body better, they have better endurance, and good blood circulation which means good blood flow to the erogenous zones.

Exercising for 30 minutes before making love can boost your libido and your orgasm.

Of course, don’t exaggerate with exercising.

The key is moderation.

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    Hi cliff thanks for suggestion i am 55 and i will try this

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    Yoga helped me a lot with ed. And i am doing cobra pose every day. Thanks!

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    Hi Cliff i have low testosterone and ed, I cant workout i have problem with knees do you know some supplement that can help me with my ed and testosteone.thank you men

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      Hi! Well, the best natural supplement to prevent ED and boost libido is Male Extra. You can check it here.


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