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How Many Exercises per Muscle Group?

How many exercises per muscle group?

LAST UPDATED: June 15th, 2022

Every guy that comes to the gym wants to build the Hulk body.

But there is a long way from skinny or overweight to the Rock Johnson’s body.

And during that journey, you should follow some steps to achieve your goals.

I already covered many fitness topics, but today I am gonna talk about a topic that is neglected.

How many exercises you should do per muscle group?

So, let’s see how many exercises you should do per workout.

How many exercises per muscle group?

Generally, you should do 1-4 exercises per muscle group.

You should do more exercises per larger muscle groups.

For example, do 3-4 different exercises for back muscles, chest, legs.

On the other hand, do 1-2 exercises for biceps, triceps, calves and shoulders.

Also, there is one very important thing you should consider – the number of sets and reps and rest between sets and exercises.

How many sets and reps?

The number of sets and reps depends on your goal. (2)

For hypertrophy (muscle growth)

Some general tips if you want to gain muscles:

  • No of sets: 4
  • No of exercises per muscle group: 3
  • No of reps: 8 – 12 (10 ideally)
  • Rest between sets: 60 – 90 secs

For weight loss

  • No of sets: 3
  • No of exercises per muscle group: 1 – 2
  • No of reps: 6-10
  • Try Rest: 30 seconds between sets, 60 seconds between exercises
  • Compulsory cardio: running, cycling, HIIT, rowing

For strength

  • No of sets: 7
  • No of exercises per muscle group: 1
  • No of reps: 1-5
  • Rest between sets: 2 – 4 min

How to rest between exercises?

What are my recommendations?

When you are doing deadlifting or squats for strength 1-3 reps with heavy weights: 3 minutes rest between sets.

When you are doing 8-12 reps for muscle mass, strength with lighter weights: 1-minute rest.

And when you are doing a fat-burning workout a minimum rest, 10 – 20 secs.

Also, take 2 minutes rest between muscle groups

How Many Exercises for Muscle Group – Bottom Line:

Generally, the number of exercises depends on the muscle group:

  • Big muscle groups (chest, back, legs) – 3-4 exercises per muscle group. The number of sets and reps depends on your goals.
  • Smaller muscle groups (biceps, triceps, shoulders, calves) – 1-2 exercises per muscle group.

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