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5 Best Exercises for Strong and Wide Shoulders

Best exercises for shoulders

LAST UPDATED: April 7th, 2022

Wide and strong shoulders are a symbol of masculinity and strength.

We all know that.

There are many exercises for shoulders, and the secret is in the number of reps and sets and adding weight.

For wide, strong shoulders you need to be persistent.

The shoulder joint is unique since it has a big ratio of movement.

But, that makes it easy to injure it because it relies on muscles and ligaments to provide stability.

Shoulders injuries happen a lot. (1)

That’s why you need to work on all shoulder joint muscles.

And to add weight gradually.

How often should you do shoulder exercises?

You need to do exercises for shoulders once a week or up to three times in 2 weeks, depending on how often you exercise.

How many sets and reps?

You should do 3-4 sets with 6-10 reps.

Don’t forget to warm up

Do arm circles with dumbbells (5 pounds is quite enough).

If you injure your shoulders once, there is a big chance that you will injure them again.

And injuries occur when you don’t warm up and you start doing a strenuous workout.

How to warm up for a shoulder workout?

Grab 5 pounds dumbbells.

Extend your arms and start doing arm circles forward.

Make 10 circles forward, rest 30 seconds, and then make 10 circles backward.

So, now when you’ve warmed up let’s see the best exercises for shoulders.

5 Best Exercises for Shoulders:

1. Military press (Overhead Press)

Overhead press

To build muscles you need to get up and give up the backrest and do this exercise standing.

When you do this exercise for the first time do it with lighter weights.

Do 3 sets with 10 reps.

This is one of the best exercises for muscle mass.

2. Side lateral raise

Side lateral raise

Stand up, take the dumbbells, and start lifting them with your shoulder muscles.

When your dumbbells reach shoulder level bring them back to the starting position slowly.

This is a great exercise for middle delts.

Tips: You won’t be able to lift heavy weights right away if you do this exercise right. Be patient, it’s important to feel tightness in your delts after finishing the set, don’t rush with adding weight.

3. Seated bent-over rear delt raise

Seated bent over rear delt raise

You can do this exercise sitting or standing.

Your back should be straight and your legs shoulder-width apart.

Lean slightly forward and allow your arms to hang down toward the floor.

Inhale and extend your arms, carefully not to bend your elbows.

Exhale and go back to the starting position.

This exercise affects the back shoulder and it’s important not to move your shoulder blades when you perform it because if you do so your back is more engaged.

This workout is perfect for your rear delts.

The movement is short so the exercise doesn’t take much time.

4. Upright barbell row

Upright barbell row

Take a barbell in a standing position.

Your palms should be facing in and your arms should be shoulder-width apart.

Lift the barbell up to your chin with the strength of your shoulder muscles.

Hold the barbell like that for a second and then go back to the starting position.

This is one of the best exercises for shoulder muscles.

The most important thing about this exercise is to make sure your elbows are above the barbell the whole time.

The barbell grip width can be different.

With a close grip, you can affect the trapezius too, and with a wide grip, the accent is on the lateral shoulder muscles.

5. Arnold press

A great exercise invented by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Definitely, one of the best exercises for shoulders.

Sit on the bench and hold the dumbells in front of you.

Your palms should be facing in and you need to hold the dumbells to shoulder level.

Start lifting the dumbbells above your head and rotate your palms so that when you lift the dumbbells your palms face outward.

Go back to the starting position.

Or simply watch the video.

How to Get Wide Massive Shoulders Faster?

If you want to build your shoulders faster you should combine the above-mentioned workouts with the best bulking supplements.

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Nitrogen is essential for protein synthesis.

Here you can see the ingredients:

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  • Magnesium – The most important mineral for muscle mass, the nervous system; it helps you recover faster.
  • Vitamin D3 – Improves your immune system, contributes to the maintenance of normal muscle function.
  • Suma root – Plant extract, a powerful antioxidant.
  • Ashwagandha – Plant extract, increases muscle mass and strength.
  • MSM – Reduced muscle and joint pain after a workout.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – Speeds up tendon to bone healing.
  • Tribulus Terrestris – a plant extract, the strongest natural testosterone booster.

This is my favorite supplement and I am using it in my bulking phase.

You will maximize your gym efforts if you combine the best workouts to gain muscle with D-bal.

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Best Exercises for Shoulders – Bottom Line:

The chances of finding a guy who doesn’t dream of having broader shoulders are slim.

Wide shoulders give shape and good looks to your whole body.

But, the most important thing is to exercise right so that you avoid injuries.

Don’t exaggerate with the weight, gradually increase as you make progress.

Also, you can add push-ups and pull-ups to these excellent exercises for shoulders.

If you want to get faster results read more about the best natural bodybuilding supplement – Dbal.

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